About the Artist

i like to think of myself as an ever-evolving artist.  In 1988 I began my art career doing advertising layout and design.  As the years went on and I continued along this path, my skills developed but I never did find a genuine passion for the advertising field.  In 1995, after deciding to make a change, I had the opportunity to learn the world of video graphics and television production.  Although the work was interesting, I found that working in that setting didn't quench the thirst that I had deep inside of myself. 

I have been lucky enough in this lifetime to know many people who have been courageous enough to follow that voice within that leads them to the dream that makes their fountain of passion flow freely.  I have always had a love for drawing and painting.  As long as I can remember I have craved being in a world that offered an abundance of color, shape and texture.  I always knew that I could fully immerse myself into a medium that allowed me to tell my story.  After doing video graphics for many years it was time to explore the possibility of expression via painting.  I was finally heading in the right direction but painting didn't completely fill the void. 

Finally, in 2004 I had a unique opportunity.  The Depot Museum was commissioning artists to paint, or use whatever medium they wanted on 8' boots that would be sold at an auction.  I began painting the boot but the more I painted the more stuck I felt in this endeavor.  Then I was inspired to do a few areas of glass mosaics on the boot.  The next thing I knew the majority of the boot had become a mosaic and I realized that I had found my medium with glass.  That was also when I  discovered that if I let the art follow its own flow the expression of the piece would state itself and speak to each member of its audience on personal and  independent levels.  Glass allowed me to achieve this.

Thank you for taking the time to share a part of my soul by embracing my art work. 

Vickie McSchooler  

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